1100 sq ft 3 BHK East facing Resale IndependentHouse for sale by Agent Amit Onkar in Katol road, Nagpur. Get IndependentHouse in MB Estate at Rs 64.50 lacs with Rs 600000 as Booking Amount possession on Mar 18 on
Nagpur,Katol road
1.1 sqft
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Katol, House sale
Hingna dharampeth, 2bhk$15000,3bhk$20000 laxmi nagar ,2bhk*13000,3bhk*18000 Shankar nagar,2bhk$15000,3bhk$20000 Pratap nagar ,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 Trimurti nagar,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 Mangal murti,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 t.point,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 Hingna crpf,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 gokulpeth,2bhk*13000,3bhk*18000 jaitala,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 lokmat,2bhk*13000,3bhk*18000 swavlambi nagar,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 ravi nagar,2bhk$15000,3bhk$20000 bharat nagar,2bhk*13000,3bhk*18000 Amravati road ,2bhk*13000,3bhk*18000 Hingna road ,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 Wardha road ,2bhk ““10000,3bhk*15000 Law college ,2bhk*13000,3bhk*18000 Bhole patrol pump,2bhk$15000,3bhk$20000 Dhantoli ,2bhk$15000,3bhk$20000 Faras, ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Mankapur,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Goadhni road ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Koradi road ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Katol road ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000, Zingabai takli ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Nelson sq,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Pagalkhana ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Punam chamber,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Sadar,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Haldiram ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Liburti ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Civil line 2BHK*10000,3BHK*15000 Seminari hill,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Friends colony ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 k.t. nagar,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Deepak nagar ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Gitti khadan ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Chavni 2BHK*10000 Gaddi godam ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Near railway station ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Raj nagar2BHK*8000 Vijay nagar2BHK*10000 Baramji town 2BHK*11000,3BHK*13000 Faras, ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Mankapur,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Goadhni road ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Koradi road ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 10 no puliya,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Kasmiri gali,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Kadbi chock,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Pach pawali sq,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Anant nagar,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Bhupesh nagar,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Near palloti school,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Dinshaw factory,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Borgao,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Gorewada road,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Wadi road ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Kamthi road ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Teka naka ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Om nagar,2bhk..5000,3bhk..10000 Arya nagar,2bhk..6000,3bhk..10000 Pram nagar,2bhk..6000,3bhk..10000 Mankapur pool ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Koradi pool,2bhk..6000,3bhk..10000 Koradi naka,2bhk..5000,3bhk..10000 Hudku colony,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Near police station ,2bhk..7000,3bhk..10000 Near kunal hospital,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Near s.k. tower ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Near k.p.ground ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Hajari pahad ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Mount road ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Clurk town ,2bhk*8000,3bhk*13000 Tukdo ji putla ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 Wardhaman nagar 2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 c.a. road 2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 mahal ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 ajni ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 somalwada,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 ganeshpeth,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 s.t. busstand ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 rajendra nagar,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 sakardhara,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 manewda,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 medical sq,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 nandanvan ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 chatrapati sq,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 narendra nagar,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 surendra nagar,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 manish nagar,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 ganesh peth ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 near bus stand,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 near sabhagruha ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 omkar nagar ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 satabdi chock,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 butibori,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 besa road ,2bhk*9000,3bhk*15000 dhantoli,2bhk*14000,3bhk*22000 Main Road Shop whc(mobile,medical,cloth,spa,butiq,office) 986oo10819 to Let / for Sale RESTURENT 200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED CAFÉ 200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED BAR 200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED HUKKA200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED PUB200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED FAST FOOD 200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED HOTEL200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED LAUNCH200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED HUT 200SQ TO 1000 SQ FURNISHED NON FURNISHED VISIT :- 20/2 Akar Building, Byramji Town, Near Dalal Nursing Home, Gondwana Sqr. Opp.Poonam Chamber, Sadar
Nagpur, Sadar Bazaar
2 rooms
2 Acres Agricultural Land Under Yellow Belt @ Mouza Mahurzhari Just 12 Kms from Zero Mile Nagpur. With Approx 210 Ft. Frontage. Just 1.2 kms off State Highway Katol Road, near Fetri. Tar Road. Rectangular Plot . Rate 1.1 Cr/Acre Price Rs 1.10 Cr ( @ Rs 127 per Sq.Ft ) Area Built Up Area : 2 Acre Ownership Individual Land Mark Airport : 19 kms , Railway Station : 12 kms , School : 1 kms
Mahurzari, Nagpur, Maharashtra
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